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Nutty Goodness - Fruit and Nut Chips

Nutty Goodness

Nutty Goodness is our chewy fruit and nut snack brand based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Nutty Goodness is pioneering the ‘fruit jerky’ category in U.S. better grocery distribution.  Nutty Goodness operates, manufactures, markets, and sells to trade both direct and through UNFI, the largest US wholesale distributor for healthy and organic foods.  Nutty Goodness is available via, Amazon, The Fresh Market, Wegman’s, Natural Grocers, Lowe’s Foods, Kroger Ship, and leading independent and specialty stores.

Better-for-you snacking is nearly a $33 billion industry.  Nutty Goodness meets the growing global consumer demand for minimally-processed, natural, shelf-stable snack alternatives.

Nutty Goodness products prove that nutritious, plant-based products are all that is needed for delicious, energizing snacks! Nutty Goodness fuels a healthy, active lifestyle.

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